hanging refillable soap dispenser

5.5LT Complete Ultimate Hanging Refillable Soap / Dispenser System


  • Easy refilling with large lid
  • Commercial quality construction
  • Controlled, precise dispensing
  • Non-drip, no messy work areas
  • Perfect for decanting into receptacles or bottles

Complete Ultimate Hanging Soap / Detergent Dispenser System – Complete hanging gravity fed soap / detergent dispenser system which includes the 5.5lt Refillable Hanging Container and the 40mm Ultimate Soap  /Detergent Dispenser System Teat. Liquid Dispenser UK are delighted to offer the Ultimate Liquid Dispenser System that delivers the desired portion that is hygienic, drip and waste free! A gentle squeeze will produce the required portion, hygienically and without waste. The unique design that is globally patented winning international awards uses gravity to dispense the very last drop of product.


Soap / detergent dispenser – The Ultimate Hanging Dispenser is gravity fed, non dripping, hygienic. The premium quality and construction allows the dispenser to be used for heavy duty soaps, hand soaps, conditioner washing up liquid, hand creams and most health care products. All this with a dispenser that provides the perfect portion, mess free and with minimum waste.

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Weight .5 kg