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The Ultimate soap / detergent  dispenser provides the perfect solution for dispensing and decanting soap, detergent, conditioner, shampoo and also paint, glue and plenty of other products and can be used to apply directly or to decant into existing bottles or ramekins. Major hotel chains and soap manufacturers use our Ultimate Dispenser Systems to refill their hotel room bottles with shampoo, conditioner and hand soap bottles, providing an economical and environmentally, eco-friendly solution, drip free with no waste and no mess.

hanging soap dispenser systems
hanging soap dispenser - gravity fed hand pump

Our best selling Ultimate 5.5lt Refillable Hanging Soap / Detergent Dispenser System

Large lid for easy refilling
Perfect for decanting or applying directly
Non-drip globally patented dispenser teat system
Mess free controlled dispensing
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soap detergent dispenser gravity fed


You can attach the 38mm Ultimate Liquid Dispenser onto most gallon containers such as hand soap, detergent and disinfectant. If the soap dispenser is sited where dirty hands are using it, then the black dispenser option is the ideal choice and can be kept clean by wiping periodically with a wet cloth or disinfectant wipe. Anywhere that soaps are dispensed the Ultimate Liquid Dispenser System is the ideal solution, avoiding decanting products, cleaning unnecessary spills and ensuring that every drop of product is used and not wasted!
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The Ultimate Soap Dispenser

With the product held upside down and leaning slightly towards the dispenser in the wall mounted cage, gravity feeds all the product down into the soap dispenser ensuring that all the liquid is dispensed down to the very last drop. The precise soap dispenser control allows you to dispense just the amount of product that you want avoiding using too much product and once you release the pressure the valve completely seals ensuring no unwanted drips and mess.
Take a look at the video to see how easy The Ultimate Soap Dispenser is to setup and how efficient it is at dispensing soap detergent.